Kokotoni Wilf
By Elite
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #36

Kokotoni Wilf

Life was never easy one million years BC. There was no Coronation Street or C&VG to keep you occupied. And everyone was beginning to get a little fed up with dinosaur burgers, dinosaur on toast, dinosaur in the hole...

As Kokotoni Wilf, you have to travel through different time zones, starting at one million years BC. All the normal pre-historic animals are out to stop you, plus other objects intent on your destruction.

The game is a multi-screen Adventure, similar to Atic Atac or Alchemist. You have to fly round all the screens and collect enough objects to enable you to progress to the next time zone. There are over 60 screens and you can cover them in any order. You can even go back to an earlier screen if you wish.

Kokotoni Wilf

Anything that moves will instantly lose you one of your lives if you touch it. And most of the other stationary objects will lead to the same fate.

The game won't work with the keyboard. Wilf is guided round the screens with the joystick. It took me some time to master the intricacies of control, but I soon got the hang of it.

There are no sound effects as such, but the computer does play "Consider Yourself", from Oliver, during the game.

Graphics are good and the animation is smooth. The game is certainly not easy, but it's not as hard as, say, China Miner.

Kokotoni Wilf is certainly worth a try if you like this sort of adventure.