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Home Computing Weekly

Know Your Own Personality
By Mirrorsoft
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #92

This program is, presumably, an aid to the better understanding of yourself, according to the title. With 70 questions in each section, there are three sections. These cover introversion and extraversion, emotional stability and tough/tender mindedness.

After choosing a section from the menu, you load in the 70 questions and answers for that section. After the questions have been answered you can see the results of your answers on a horizontal bar chart. This bar chart will grow to one side, or the other, of a vertical line representing the norm. This growth represents the amount of deviation from the norm, showing your propensity for the trait towards which the bar is growing. Of course, this means that you are different, according to the booklet supplied. It is these differences which make us individuals, which give us charming eccentrics.

It also gives us individuals with less desirable traits, the perverts, and criminals.

It is suggested that we could perhaps understand our friends more, and they us, if we each saw the results. A kind of do-it-yourself group therapy? No thanks, I will keep my friends just as they are.