Home Computing Weekly

Klartz And The Dark Forces

Author: C.G.
Publisher: Dungeon
Machine: Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #57

The title puts you in the mood for this mammoth adventure. Set in the time after (what?), you are a member of the group pledged to overthrow the evil Klartz. You have been chosen to pilot the time capsule to collect special relics that will aid your task.

This adventure is different to most - you have the choice of time zones to enter at first. Each is almost a whole adventure in itself and, with five different zones, the program is certainly large enough to keep the most enthusiastic adventurer busy for some time.

The game is headed by a machine code display while loading. Using some excellent programming, it has been written without much chance of anyone breaking and listing the program. If you do press the Break key and do not type CONT afterwards the game is lost and can never be listed. This is necessary when there is a prize of a Dragon disc drive for the first person to map out all the time zones.

I have spent many hours but this is one tough adventure to crack. I wish you good luck.


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