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King Arthur's Quest
By Hill MacGibbon
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #34

Arthur's Unoriginal Adventure

King Arthur's Quest

Remember the old dinosaur mazes? Moving along one square at a time you could turn right or left to enter side passages. King Arthur's Quest uses a similar type of movement system, though the countryside and rooms depicted are not bounded in the same way.

The wicked Morgana Le Fay has put a spell upon the land. The world is slowly dying and you must save it from the Enchantress and her magic. You begin in Merlin's cottage and must examine the grids to collect useful objects or meet the various characters.

There are nine basic actions each carried out by a single key press - a rather flimsy overlay is provided to show the relevant keys.

This is not a normal text adventure, given the very limited range of input, and may consequently appeal to a younger age group. The graphic displays are sufficiently pleasant, though unoriginal in style, and the response time is fast. There is a microdrive transfer facility but if you are killed during play you must reload.

Richard Price