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Amstrad Action

By Dro Soft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #21


We haven't seen many games, or any other software for that matter, coming out of Germany. Firebird looks to have found one that shows a lot of promise. It was written by Jasdan Joerges and "adapted" (presumably this means converted) by S Lohberg. At first it appears to be a straightforward arcade game, but the control mechanism soon reveals itself to be out of the ordinary.

[Some text missing] finish the game. Granted, there are a few aliens to be be shot or avoided, but that's not too hard now, is it? No - but the different gravitational and physical effects on each screen are.

Every time you appear on a new screen you'll find yourself battling a new effect. They range from altering centres of gravity to magnetic points attracting and repelling you. These effects make control very difficult: you'll spend most of the time trying to wrench the joystick out of its socket. The sphere will sometimes shoot off uncontrollably and at others be practically impossible to move in the direction you want it to.

There are various energy-draining monsters and some that steal objects you carry. Objects you can pick up include a shield against the enemy, teleport to move large distances, anti-grav unit, anti-physics unit and [some text missing]

The game consists of 44 screens connected horizontally (except for one underground section). You control a rolling ball which can fly, bounce and generally have a good time. All you have to do is whiz through the screens, pick up three objects in the right order and a powder sprayer for shooting aliens. These all help your task but are easily lost.

The movement effects are novel but can be frustrating. On the whole, it's too small a playing area to really provide a big challenge but it should prove enjoyable.

First Day Target Score


Second Opinion

I quite enjoyed the different gravitational effects in each room. Bland graphics and a merry tune balance out to a fairly average game, but it pulls weight in the originality department If you want to wreck your joystick, then try this.

Green Screen View

Kvick, Klar, Kinetik.


Graphics 64%
P. Detailed, well-arumated characters.
P. Screens are lacklustre and simple.

Sonics 66%
P. Good tune.

Grab Factor 69%
P. Novel gravity effects are interesting...
N. but can be frustrating to control.

Staying Power 63%
P. Difficult to master some screens.
N. Not enough screens to test you for long.

Overall 65%
Good to see some German software

Bob Wade

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