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By Players

Published in A&B Computing 4.02

Just as Mastertronic retreat from the budget BBC/Electron market (and after playing Kane, one can only breathe a quiet sigh of relief), so enter Players, a new budget software house with an aggressive marketing strategy.

Their policy is to follow winners in the sales game and the backlog of completed BBC games in their files will only see the light of day when response to Killapede has been assessed. which is far too heavy a burden for this slight but competent budget game to support.

You must know the original Centipede which this copies quite shamelessly: you must shoot all the segments of the centipede as it makes its way down the mushroom-strewn screen.

The programming by Philip Blenkinsopp will win no awards but for a budget game this will certainly give some moments of pleasure.

Apparently the Electron version is faster than the BBC but I can't comment on that - all I can say is that I am more interested in seeing what original games Players have waiting for us.

Dave Reeder

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