Personal Compuer Games

Keys Of The Wizard

Author: PC
Publisher: Microdeal
Machine: Dragon 32

Published in Personal Computer Games #3

Keys Of The Wizard

Keys Of The Wizard is a superior adventure for the Dragon, with three levels of play ranging from beginner to expert. It would be advisable to leave level three until your annual holidays, since it can take up to ten hours of puzzling!

The object of the game might seem familiar to adventure regulars. You must find a number of treasures and store them in a sanctuary. Pitted against you are several unpleasant opponents such as orcs, trolls, wizards, and jesters. The unicorn though, might give some help if you stroke its horn.

Keys Of The Wizard

The game's topography is varied and well-described. I particularly liked the 'elegant gazebo', but was not too happy about finding myself in the skeleton's tomb.

Commands are entered using the familiar verb-noun formula, and the game's vocabulary is reasonably large. Some Americanisms have remained in the program. When you want to quit you type 'UNCLE', followed by a dollar sign!

Despite this minor criticism, Keys Of The Wizard is an engrossing and well-constructed adventure.


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