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Kentucky Racing
By Alternative
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #72

Kentucky Racing

Hooray, a day out at the Kentucky Derby! Well, not quite. If you've ever been to a funfair you'll have seen the stall where people sit down and frantically throw balls into holes to move their plastic horses along, the race winner getting a prize. Well, Kentucky Racing is a simulation of this 'sport'.

One or two players compete along with one/two computer opponents in nine classic races including the Kentucky Derby - but really only two types of race: flat and hurdles. A disembodied hand appears below each player's 'table of holes', an aiming cursor automatically moves left and right: you press and hold down fire to stop it and select power. If the ball goes in a hole it moves your horse a bit further along. The more distant holes move your horse a greater distance while only certain holes will make your horse jump over a fence. In easy mode the holes are easier to hit and you only need to finish second to avoid losing a credit.

While the real thing is frantic fun, Kentucky Racing wasn't really a good idea. The aiming system is very crude, requiring more luck than skill, and three horse-races hardly offer much depth of challenge. The only minor amusement comes from the strange shaking movement of the hand before it throws out a ball - a gesture indicative of this lame game's quality.