Home Computing Weekly

Katerpillar Attack
By Microdeal
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #8

A fast machine code version of Centipede, entertaining. colourful and making a refreshing change from Space Invaders and the like.

The on-screen Katerpillar is a docile-looking creature that breaks up into segments when zapped, and proved to be a great hit with my younger children (from eight downwards).

I couldn't help wondering who the game is actually aimed at, though; because of the lurid cassette box design, showing a hideous space monster being attacked by a space man, I would not have picked Katerpillar off the shelf as a children's game.

Katerpillar Attack

No spaceman, but you have a laser base at the bottom of the screen and fife to your heart'scontent. The screen soon becomes littered with mushrooms and spiders - all of which cold be potentially dangerous...

You lose a life when a spider touches you, making a raspberry sound that would have had Miss Muffet in stitches - my kids were rolling about.

Highest score is kept, but I wish you could input your name. They cheat in my house, and everyone claims top score.

Katerpillar provides excellent optional instructions, looks good on screen, plays well and allows the Dragon to appear in its rightful place as second to none.


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