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Computer Gamer

By Mastertronic
Commodore 16/Plus 4

Published in Computer Gamer #22


Public relations with the local red indians are not at their best so, being the good sheriff that you are, you undertake the challenge of making peace with them. To earn their respect, you have to complete a series of tasks that range from shooting down birds to completing a difficult cross country/desert trek on horseback.

The first screen opens against an excellent mountain backdrop, and on various levels at the top of the screen are a series of birds. Armed with a bow you have to prevent the flapping fiends from reaching the edge of the screen. Shooting a certain amount will result in you receiving a peace token, which in turn is worth an extra life. At least one of the tokens must be gained if you are to complete the remaining sections and make it to the town of "Kane".

The second section finds the sheriff in a rather unfriendly town whose inhabitants sole aim is the removal of your lie. Here you have to adopt a 'man with no name' approach and gun them all down without even blinking. However you are faced with a big disadvantage because you are open to fire from all sides of the screen and quick reactions are essential.

In between each section is the horseriding test. Your obstacle is a long and hazardous desert that is littered with cacti and huge boulders, all of which you have to jump over. This part of the game is by far the more difficult and you will need to have several spare lives at this stage if you are to progress further.

All in all, Kane is a great little game and one that is very addictive.