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Clever Clogs: Jungle Jumble
By Computer Tutor
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #19

Clever Clogs: Jungle Jumble

This user friendly program contains two games for young children. In the first, the player has to answer a series of quest- Ions correctly to reveal a picture of either a real animal or a silly animal The questions are mainly based on simple arithmetic and general knowledge such as: '2 stars plus 3 stars - How Many?' and 'Which is the mummy? 1) bull, 2) cow, 3) ram'.

When the child has successfully revealed the animal, then he or she can move or; to the Safari game in which the player has to move a car, controlled by the cursor keys, across the countryside to the camp m only 40 moves. Occasionally an animal will pop out, and the player is asked to type in the first letter of its name.

Like most of the programs in the "Clever Clogs" series, Jungle Jumble contains the facility for editing or resetting the questions, and some useful tips are provided for parents who waste to do this.

My young testers thoroughly enjoyed this program, delighting particularly in the silly animals such as the 'Tigeroo' - and the 'Diobra'.


Control keys: answers to be typed in and "ENTERed". Cursor keys to guide car in safari game CAPS SHIFT and O for Parents page
Keyboard Play: Very responsive
Use of Colour: Good
Graphics: Good on the whole, though a couple of animals are tricky to identify

Rosetta McLeod

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