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Jungle Jive
By Virgin Games

Published in Electron User 2.03

In a time when the big game hunter is thankfully a thing of the past, Jungle Jive lets you release you aggressive instincts without spilling blood. It brings all the excitement of a jungle safari onto your TV screen.

You control a little man who waddles up and down the centre of the screen. The idea is that you blast away at the animals who are closing in on you to your left and right. You get points for each one you hit although I pretend they're just tranquillising darts.

As you're getting yourself a life ban from the RSPCA, avoid the slithering snake who dashes about at random trying to avenge all those departed elephants, crocodiles, lions and birds. Whatever you do, don't shoot the cute little baboons which line your path. They protect you and you'd better protect them or else you're finished. And don't try to shoot the blue hippo. Bullets bounce off him.

You start off with the usual three lives, gaining bonus lives as your point score mounts. You lose them as you bump into things and things bump into you.

It's a nice action game that promises fun for all the family - once you've settled the arguments over who's going next.

Keith Young