Personal Computer Games

Jungle Hunt

Author: PC
Publisher: Atarisoft
Machine: Atari 400

Published in Personal Computer Games #8

Jungle Hunt

Cannibalism is alive and well and living in the computer games jungle. In this game, your lovely travelling companion has been captured by savages and is about to be turned into a tasty stew.

To save her you'll have to swing through a forest like Tarzan, brave a crocodile-infested river, leap tumbling boulders and pull her from the cannibals' clutches.

Your quest begins deep in the jungle as, wearing your smartest safari-suit and pith helmet, you leap off a tree and grab the first of the swaying ropes which carry you to the river.

Jungle Hunt

Two ropes are displayed at any one time: the one you're on and another swinging to and fro at the edge of the screen. Mastering the right moment to jump takes time - time you can't afford to waste since your sweetheart goes on the menu in eight minutes!

The animation here is excellent: the intrepid explorer flies through the air, sometimes only catching the last inches of the ropes. If you miss completely you plummet to the jungle floor - with a ghastly 'thud' shaking the whole screen.

When you reach the last rope you dive off into the river, doing a fast costume change into a red wet-suit. You can swim underwater but must occasionally surface to breathe. You have a dagger to stab the crocs in their 'soft, white underbellies' but, frankly, it's not worth the bother of turning them into handbags. You save time - and lives - by simply avoiding them.

Jungle Hunt

On the far side it's Donkey Kong time as you hop over the rocks those cannibals have sent rolling down.

Finally you must jump over the hungry cannibals themselves and grab the lady before she's dropped in the pot. Bad timing here results in an unpleasant dinner for two.

This cartridge game is a high-quality version of the arcade original and cannot fail to please if you like energetic pastimes and exotic locations. Graphics and colour are excellent, but the sound effects are not so hot.


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