Home Computing Weekly

Jumping Yosser

Author: M.N.
Publisher: Knight
Machine: Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #90

It's good to see that there is still new software for the ill-fated Dragon. Jumping Yosser is an arcade game where you have to jump from one platform to another to reach first the top left-hand corner of the screen, to obtain a key, then the top right-hand corner, to open a door to the next screen.

The game has 15 screens, all with different patterns or platforms and monsters. You have three lives, but gain an extra one after five screens. Completing all screens would take great practice.

The graphics and sound effects are as good as you could expect on the Dragon. What I didn't like was the lengthy introductory sequence, in which each of the monsters does a dance - though you do not have to sit through this, fortunately - and the instruction sequence, which is punctuated by irrelevant pieces of music.

Overall, this is an entertaining and challenging game, well worth the money.


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