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Jonah Barrington's Squash
By New Generation
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #39

Jonah Barrington's Squash

SPORTS superstars endorsing computer games seems a trend that is likely to continue until all the superstars have been used up.

Jonah Barrington's Squash is endorsed by the former world champion and the score is called out in his own voice which has been 'accurately reproduced taking full advantage of the unique Reprosound system'.

However, plugging Jonah into the MIC socket produced a fuzzy unintelligible gabble as if he was speaking from the belly of the whale. Better get that throat seen to, Jonah.

The screen is divided, one half being the score table and the other a small 3D representation of a squash court.

The ball bounces off the walls in a convincing style and depending on the length of time the fire button is depressed, you can alter the angle at which the ball leaves the racket. The 3D illusion is effected by the use of a shadow on the ball, in much the same way as Psion's classic Match Point.

Hitting the ball can present a problem. It is very difficult. Whenever the ball comes within striking distance, press the fire button and you will automatically play that shot whether forehand or backhand. Obstructing your opponent is a foul and a let is called, but unfortunately you can't assault him with your racket.

The game is an accurate simulation of the game and play is fast on the higher levels. Jonah seems impressed and says that it "is fun to play and will teach players at all levels to improve their game". Personally I would prefer to exhaust myself in the more conventional and sweaty way, actually playing the real thing.

Clare Edgeley