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Joe Blade
By Players
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #73

Joe Blade

Great! Another tough guy game straight from the Rambo clone zone. But don't groan, Joe Blade is well worth checking out for all you trigger-happy pistol packers.

I half-heartedly started playing and before long I was hooked. Gee, I wanted another go, Joe.

The plot is simple. Crax Bloodfinger - a great name, eh? - the leader of an infamous band of terrorists, has kidnapped six world leaders. Unless their countries cough up a cool thirty billion dollars, it's curtains for these heads of state.

Bloodfinger is holding the leaders captive in his fortified HQ, crawling with members of his private army.

In a show of defiance, the world has refused to pay the ransom even though the high noon deadline is fast approaching.

Send for Joe Blade, mean, tough, fearless (hey, this guy sounds as though he should be a C&VG reviewer!). According to the cassette notes, Joe Blade has been trained in a Tibetan monastery. Just when the monks have taught Joe Blade that will be useful on search, kill and rescue missions is not explained. Perhaps he learned a pretty lethal chant?

Anyway, armed with his semi-automatic gun, Joe has infiltrated Bloodfinger's base. He must rescue the leaders and activate six booby-trapped explosive devices. Once these lethal bombs have been set going, Joe has twenty minutes before nasty boom doom.

Joe moves around the complex collecting keys to cells, ammo, and food to keep up his strength.

Getting the keys allows you to pass through locked doors and into new areas of the game.

Nice and cheap with ace graphics, Joe Blade certainly cuts it. A good buy.