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Amstrad Action

Joe Blade
By Players
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #26

Joe Blade

Crax Bloodfinger, and his gang of terrorists, have kidnapped six world leaders and are holding them for ransom. The respective governments are unwilling to pay the measly 30 billion dollars for their safe release, so they've sent for you to attempt the rescue.

The screen has a central playing area, which is flick-screen, with doors and windows in the foreground and background. These can be entered by pressing up or down as appropriate.

Inside Bloodfinger's HQ you will find terrorists and bombs. The terrorists cause you to lose energy when you touch them. When you run out of energy, the game ends. There are six bombs which have to be activated to destroy Bloodfinger's HQ. These are booby-trapped and, to activate them you have a time limit in which to arrange the letters A-E into alphabetical order. Fail to do this and the game ends with you being blown up.

Lying about on the floor are items of use to you such as food, enemy uniforms, keys and ammunition. The keys are needed to open the many doors. While you are wearing a uniform, the machine gun toting troopers do not harm you. Food replenishes your limited energy and ammunition keeps your trusty machine gun spitting bullets.

The screen is only in two colours, but the colours change from room to room. The terrorists are well-animated as they goosestep their way around Bloodfinger's HQ. There are machine gun sounds and title tunes.

Second Opinion

Not my idea of fun, this aimless wandering around. What it needs is more of the puzzling element that the bombs introduce. A few more stages like that and it would be a much better game. Why couldn't we have had combat action with the guards as well, rather than just pressing a button to fire the gun? Disappointing.

Green Screen View

The rooms are virtually indistinguishable in colour.


Graphics 56%
P. Detailed characters.
N. Monochrome screen

Sonics 60%
P. Good title tune.

Grab Factor 60%
P. Simple to play.
N. Not much thought needed.

Staying Power 53%
P. Bomb puzzles make things more difficult.
N. Spend a lot of time wandering around looking for something to do

Overall 57%
N. Could have been much better with a bit more thought.

Gary Barrett