Big K

Jewels Of Babylon
By Interceptor Micros
Spectrum 48K

Published in Big K #11

Jewels Of Babylon

Sole survivor of a pirate attack on a ship carrying the fabled Jewels of Babylon, you have found the pirate's island base and set out to recover the hot ice.

In standard Interceptor style, it's a mainly text adventure with over a hundred locations, with periodic and brilliant, if rather unnecessary, graphics, far superior to those of their earlier Forest At World's End.

A very sophisticated command analyser makes it possible, and necessary, to enter complex actions. Getting off your ship, for examine, is done by 'climb down ladder'. There are three mazes, jungle, swamp and thicket, very early on with not much in the way of loose objects to use for mapping them.

Beyond them lie further hazards, such as lip-licking cannibals, before you get to the main course. Fraught and exciting.