Home Computing Weekly

Jet Set Willy

Author: E.D.
Publisher: Hudson
Machine: MSX

Published in Home Computing Weekly #129

The revolutionary thing about this game is the way it is presented. To my knowledge, it is the first game to be produced on one of the credit card sized Bee Cards which promise to change the world of cartridge games.

The game is the follow up to Manic Miner and follows the story of Willy the Miner after he has found fame and fortune. Our dissolute hero has just gained fame and thrown a party for his friends who are an untidy bunch, leaving bottles and glasses all over Willy's house to the annoyance of his wife, Maria.

Despite the fact that the morning has broken, Maria insists that Willy tidies up the house before he goes to bed. You must guide him around his amazingly lethal home to help him in his drink-sodden quest.

Not all of the rooms contain party debris but strange creatures lurk in all of them. There are floors within each room and the only way to pass along many of these floors is to jump. Really, if I had Willy's money, I would rather go out and buy another house!

This game is well known on other machines and this is a good conversion but a little slower than the Spectrum equivalent. The main advantage is the instant load which the card permits and an adapter is provided which slots into the cartridge port so that the card can be slotted in.


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