Jammin' (Taskset) Review | Amstrad Action - Everygamegoing

Amstrad Action

By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1


Rankin' Rodney has to get together four instruments in order to get that groove sound. He has to do it amongst the garish moving colours of the instrument dumping ground.

There are 20 screens made up of a patchwork of four colours. One instrument will correspond to each colour zone and has to be picked up and brought back to the centre of the screen where a triangle flashes to indicate its place. The patchwork is arranged into a maze with moving belts of colours which transport you around until you want to get off.

Things aren't easy though since you have some non-musical enemies to contend with. Bum notes will send your instrument back to the start if they get you while distortions steal it and play totally out of key. Dischords are the worst and if you run into them then you lose a life.

Each screen has a time limit and if you haven't got all four instruments together you'll lose a life. The tunes change for each screen as do the mazes but each tune is best when you've got an instrument since it plays the full tune with a drum beat, bass and harmony.

Good News

P. Fantastic music with many different tunes.
P. Garishly colourful graphics.
P. Novel gameplay and scenario.

Bad News

N. The colours and gameplay may not appeal to all.