Mean Machines Sega

James Pond

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Machine: Sega Mega Drive (EU Version)

Published in Mean Machines Sega #8

James Pond

Guide Pond through the scrolling levels, saving the world from the environmentally unfriendly Dr. Maybe.

Original Scores

Presentation 79%
Graphics 79%
Sound 73%
Playability 85%
Lastability 71%
Overall 79%

What We Said Then

Jaz: James Pond provides plenty of fun when you first start playing, but unfortunately it doesn't hold its appeal over a long period of time.

James Pond: Underwater Agent

Matt: It's certainly fun to play and the main sprite is cleverly animated.

What We Say Now

Jaz: High quality Megadrive platform games are very common these days, and this early example looks very dated. 15% off all the marks should do the trick.

Rich: Very nice to look at, but quite dull to play by today's standards. Knock off 10% and I'll be happy.