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Computer Gamer

Jail Break
By Konami
Commodore 64

Published in Computer Gamer #25


The prisoners have escaped from jail and you must catch them. This is the simple plot of this coin-op conversion.

However, the prisoners have also broken into the armoury and you'll have to be a crack shot if you're going to survive long enough to save the innocent people that get caught up in the drama. Save them and you get a better weapon with which you can blast (arrest) the prisoners who are hiding behind cars and inside nearby buildings.

Although the prisoners all trail ball and chains behind them, the graphics are at best blocky and the action limited - you and the convicts can only move and fire in four directions.

Despite these limitations, the game still has addictive appeal and would do well as a budget game, but as a full priced one it just doesn't make the grade.