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Home Computing Weekly

Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #5

Yet another of those 'one-armed bandit' simulations where the only money you stand to lose is what you paid for the program in the first place.

Computer Rentals' version provides all the facilities of a large casino machine, such as Nudge, Gamble and Hold, depending on the contents of a Features box. You start off with a modest 200 units (£s, $s or whatever, the program does not say!) to bet with. Each spin costs 10 units.

The graphics are very good and reasonably fast, although the program is written entirely in BASIC. As well as the three reels, all the payout possibilities are displayed. When money is put in the machine a little token with '1' on it rolls along the bottom of the screen into the money slot.

If a winning combination occurs, these little tokens also cascade into a little box at the bottom of the screen. Should you be lucky enough to win the jackpot you can sit back for a bit, since the impressive payout sequence takes about 20 seconds.

Jackpot is well documented with on-screen instructions. But anyone thinking of buying it should be warned of its addictiveness.