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Amstrad Action

By Konami
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #28


Originality is the name of the game with this one - it has none! The scene is this a surprise attack from the enemy caught the home team by surprise. They captured quite a few troops which they have imprisoned in huts behind their own lines. Four men and a jeep have been sent to the rescue - Bob, Grey, Quint and Deckar. I don't know what the jeep is called.

You control a jeep with a machine gun and a rocket launcher. Your task is to speed round behind the enemy lines finding men held prisoner in the buildings, left derelict by the onslaught of the enemy attack. You must beware, because there are still some troops left behind who somehow seem to be able to blow you up with a single bullet.

To find the men, you must manoeuvre your jeep to face a building. Then, by keeping the fire button pressed down, you mast send a rocket into the building. This will force the prisoners to jump out and await rescue. To rescue them, simply run 'em over!


Similarly to Commando, each different bit of the playing area is separated by a big wall with the entrance to the next bit sometimes guarded by a big gate. One blast from a rocket will make the gate disappear.

The next part of your task is to drop off the men at various locations where they will be picked up by helicopter. Once that is done, you must move on to attack the enemy headquarters.

The game lacks so much in originality that I got bored with it very quickly. The gameplay is difficult at times and I felt that the enemy blew me up far too easily, especially the tank. The graphics are colourful, well drawn, and they move quickly. Sometimes it is difficult to move the jeep around in some tight areas, but you soon get the hang of that. Sound is pretty mediocre.

Second Opinion


This one drove me crazy to start with because the action is so slow and it's so easy to get killed. The only technique for surviving is to trundle slowly around, scrolling the screen down a bit at a time, and dealing with the enemy one at a time. This tortuous process destroys the whole point of what ought to be an action game.

First Day Target Score

Rescue eight men.

Green Screen View

No big difficulties.



Graphics 63%
P. Quick, well drawn characters.
P. Good use of colours.

Sonics 47%
N. Mediocre sound effects

Grab Factor 64%
P. Different things in different buildings.
N. Not much choice in which weapon to use.

Staying Power 52%
P. Action gets tougher as you do
N. Not much variation and no true two player option.

Overall 51%
Commando in a jeep.


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