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By Konami
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #48


Those bounders have broken into our camp and caught us with our trousers down. Not only that, but they've also nabbed quite a few of our soldiers and are now holding them Ina prisoner-of-war camp. Our boys must be rescued and Bob, Grey, Quint and Decker are just the chaps for the job.

The four set off for enemy territory in a tank. At first, they encounter only soldiers, whom they can take out with their own machine guns or by running them over. But the soldiers can shoot back too...

Soon your four good guys meet up with mightier opposition. Large gun emplacements work in unison, making it increasingly difficult to avoid fire from one gun without being hit by a second. Even this artillery can be taken out by the tank's weaponry, but only if you're prepared to take a chance - your range is limited.

On arriving at the enemy camp, the courageous quartet can blast their way through the outer gates and proceed to search for the prisoners, who are held in huts.

Other huts contain extra ammunition and weaponry, so the rescue team can build up a very vicious arsenal. But even with more and nastier weapons, it's a tough job - if you lose a life all the freed prisoners are imprisoned again.

After blasting down the walls of the prison huts and liberating the captured men, take them to helicopter pick-up points where they can escape.

And if you can manage the impossible, the fearless four can go on to attack the enemy headquarters. It's certainly a man's life in the army.


Joysticks: Kempston, Sinclair
Graphics: simple, bad attribute problems
Sound: annoying tune and spot effects
Options: definable keys

Bym … 61%

'Every time a plan-view game appears, I live in hope. But once again it's a disappointment - the frantic jiggerings of Jackal's graphics really spoil it. the alternation of plan and side views of the tank is unrealistic, and the game itself is abysmal. The short range of your missiles means there's a very high risk of being shot in close encounters, so the game ends up brief and not very playable.'

Dave ... 58%

'This could have been quite a smart Commando-type game, but presents no real challenge and requires no skill. It's just driving around a desert of disappointing graphics, and the only plus point is that it's fast-moving.'

Nick … 20%

'What a disappointment - the scrolling is jerky, the graphics are dismal and colour clashes all the time, Now and again you get a smile from Jackal because of the ways you can die - for instance, if you run into a little stick man with your tank you blow up! But there's no playability here.'

Nick RobertsBym WelthyDave Hawkes

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