Jack The Nipper
By Kixx
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Crash #67

Jack The Nipper

He's wicked, he's evil, he's Jack The Nipper! This is the first of the series, the second being Coconut Capers, and one of the better full price games on the Spectrum in 1986. It hasn't lost any playability in the time, and for people who haven't played it, the puzzles will bring hours of fun.

Jack is a naughty little boy who likes nothing better than to pop around the corner to the local police station and cause a riot by shooting his pea shooter at the policemen and tooting his horn at the station cat The object of the game is to be as naughty as possible (shouldn't be hard for most of you!).

Various objects can be picked up around the town and have drastic effects when dropped in certain places or thrown at something. A naughtyometer, along the bottom of the screen, measures how bad Jack has been. Reach 100% and the game is complete.

All sprites in Jack The Nipper are cartoon-style, so the game is just like walking into your favourite comic. The main play area is monochrome of varying hues on each screen, plus the bonus of posters, lights, etc. around the town in glorious technicolour!

The way the game has been put together is excellent, with your nappy- rash counter going up whenever you touch a goody goody, and one of the little Jacks at the bottom of the screen being spanked when the rash is on full. Jack The Nipper is a fantastic game, and even on re-release deserves a Smash rating.

Nick RobertsRichard Eddy

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