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Home Computing Weekly

Jack And The Beanstalk
By Superior
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #94

Pantomime time again but I didn't expect the software companies to come in on the act. This is a well-disguised ladder and level game in which you play Jack, chased by the unfriendly giant.

The first screen shows the bean stalk growing from the beans and you can climb it if you wish. On the way up there are smoke clouds from the chimney which cause you to fall off the stalk if you climb through them. If you make it to the castle of the hungry giant then there is a race of terror snails to be overcome. This is done using the 'pickup the axe and dig a hole' technique. I would just have trodden on them.

The giant doesn't seem too hungry because he runs far too quickly and gets nasty if you take his gold. As this is the general aim of the exercise, you don't have much choice.

The 16 colour graphics are very good and the acction fast and furious, pit there aren't more screens. The interesting sound adds to the enjoyment too. A great game for all the family.


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