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It's TV Showtime
By Domark
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #112

It's TV Showtime

There's always been a good reason to wait for compilations to come out. Normally you get a few of the full-price games that you really wanted (but couldn't quite afford) packaged up with a couple of real stinkers. It seemed a small price to pay - but things just got better...

Domark have taken five of the most successful question and answer orientated shows and turned them into computer form.

You can enter into "TV's ultimate test of intelligence and quick wits" The Krypton Factor, trade double entendres with Paul Daniels in Every Second Counts, mark your card in Bob's Full House, step up to the ocky with Bully on Bullseye or go for the Gold Run in Blockbusters. The variety of games certainly is wide and whatever your taste it's catered for here. Most of the quizzes carry a difficulty level and quite a few parents will be stumped on level 6 with Bob Holness posing the questions. Even the dreaded Krypton Factor assault course is represented. You can play the computer or any number of friends, depending on the game and, as you progress, you will actually feel you're learning something. The only thing I miss with TV Showtime is Bob's blushes when he gets asked for a "P". I picture parents rampaging software stores for this one, throwing small children and pensioners behind them in their wake, grasping with out-stretched hands and sighing with relief at the thought of their child's imminent salvation from 'Shoot 'Em And Blast 'Em 2'. If you feel your I.Q.'s slipped below fifty I would prescribe TV Showtime, it's a cracker star makers!

Label: Domark Memory: 48K/128K Price: £10.99 Tape Reviewer: Steve Keen

Overall Summary

Great to see something that you can get your parents to buy because it's 'educational'. A worthy buy to please your parents - or even to tighten up on your general knowledge.

Steve Keen

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