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Island Of Xaan
By Robico
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in Home Computing Weekly #106

Sentenced to jail "until you rot" for the terrible crime of stealing the kings' water, you find yourself in a small dimly lit prison cell. Yes, Island of Xaan is an adventure game and in the classic style, text only.

Your object is to escape, amass treasure, find a disguise and leave the island on a convenient ship. All this is easier said than done, as one might expect.

The game follows the same format as the Level 9 and Acornsoft classics. However, there are one or two exceptions. Firstly, there is more violence than usual and strangling guards comes hard to someone more accustomed to the likes of Philosophers' Quest!

Secondly, there are one of two Fatal mistakes. For example if you neglect to search the dead guard before leaving the cell, the door slams shut and you then can't go through the maze since you haven't got a compass. This leaves you no option but to quit. I think games should be logical and never leave you in an impossible position.

At £7.95, Island of Xaan is cheaper than most and is supplied with an adventurers' notebook and SOS card.

The instructions are short, but they only spoil the fun anyway, and everything you need is explained whilst the program loads.

As a first offering, Xaan is quite good but will someone please tell me how to pass the sleeping guard - the only help I get is "Write to Alice"!