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International Match Day
By Ocean
Spectrum 128K

Published in ZX Computing #28

International Match Day

Spectrum 128K owners patiently waiting for 128K software will be heartened by the arrival of that old favourite Match Day, which has been internationlised and improved to use the full potential of the machine. The most important extra is the inclusionof an international knockout tournament where, starting from the quarter finals you can take on your friends or the computer in a three stage competition.

Overall, the graphics are most impressive and the game play is very smooth and yes, there is a rousing three channel rendition of the Match of the Day theme, as well as authentic sounding crowd noise during the matches.

What singles out Match Day from most other simulations is the range of options, so that you can vary difficulty levels when playing the computer (amateur, professional, international), game length, team colours and border colours. A neat addition to the original is a handicap feature so if you are scared of getting a trouncing, you can give yourself a few goals headstart which may not be realistic but does buffer the humiliation of double figure defeats against the computer at the top level.

When you score a goal, your forwards go loopy and charge around celebrating, which is a nice touch and the scene shifts to the crowd, a screen of well animated fans jumping up and down with delight. The goalmouth scene remains in the top right corner of the screen where those forwards are still galloping around.

With so many options combined with an excellent simulation of the game itself International Match Day will be welcomed by all football fanatics with a 128. The inclusion of the tournament feature makes it a winner as a competitive game with friends and with the extra option of being able to select your own team names you can fulfil all those fantasies about mighty Brazil being humbled by your local team.