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Your Sinclair

International Manager
By Cult Games
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #50

International Manager

Here's a release of an old D&H footie management game - one that followed the now classic Football Manager into boot-sim fans' hearts. Well, sort of anyway, because this isn't quite in the same league - let's say the top of Div Two as opposed to the Liverpool and Evertons of this world.

As you might guess, you've suddenly been made Bobby Robson, dentures and all, you have a pretty homeless team and it's the World Cup qualifying rounds. Sounds familiar? Well, fortunately the World Cup in IM is played virtually annually, so if you cock it up one year there's another one round the corner and no-one's going to fire you. You have far more players to choose from, but now other factors come in to play - consistency, talent, morale as well as just form. Otherwise it's business as usual - hard but playable - and the most boring part of the game, watching the score mount against your sad little 11, has been perked up, with the addition of some rudimentary graphics to show you how the game is going.

Not bad at all, and extremely good value. It's a good crop of cheapies so far this month, isn't it?

Marcus Berkmann

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