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Insector Hecti In The Interchange
By Hi-Tec
Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #77

Insector Hecti In The Interchange

Bugs aren't normally welcome on computers, but Insector Hecti (an anagram of Hi-tec) is the exception. He's the world's first computerised detective, an insectoid crime fighter who is small enough to explore computer circuits.

His latest mission takes him to the Interchange, a highly sensitive area which has been invaded by Victor Virus and his gang of bugs. On each of fifty maze-like circuits they have altered the alignment of some of the junction blocks. Within a time limit, Insector Hecti must rotate each of them back into the correct position, by standing on them and pressing Fire. Handily, a 'ping' is heard when it's the right way round. You can also rotate blocks so that their 'walls' crush approaching bugs.

Alternatively bugs can be killed by throwing a bouncing ball at them - but you only have eight of these. Extra balls occasionally appear along with a smart bomb, shield and 'stasis' which freezes the bugs for a few seconds. Other collectables include 'Extra Time' a 'Stop Timer' which are almost essential to break the preset record time for completion of each level. Lives can be lost by colliding with bugs or falling, via a gap in the wall, off the edge of the circuit. You don't need to do all fifty levels in one go though - after every five you are given a password to restart at that level.

Unfortunately, this makes a relatively easy task of finishing the whole game - Robin completed it in a handful of attempts. Some of the later levels are fast, but bugs can easily be destroyed by waiting for them in a corridor and rotating a block onto them. What's more, they don't regenerate so by killing them all first you can rotate the wrong blocks in peace, aided by a very generous time limit.

The lack of challenge is a major disappointment because the game has a sound concept and is quite playable. Less importantly it's a pity more wasn't made of the hero - he looks more like a little man than an insect, and there are no presentation screens.