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By Beyond
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #64


This is an intriguing game and, quite honestly, I don't know what to make of it. Its initial appeal is so limited that it's doubtful whether I'll summon up the enthusiasm to continue playing it. Playing the role of a robotic delivery droid just doesn't seem much fun.

This Denton Designs creation is set in a massive city which takes up an entire planet. Most of the communications between different parts of this complex are electronic but parcels and vital documents still have to be physically transferred about the city.

Enter the Droid Despatch Company and its delivery robots called Infodroids.

You must control this droid all over the city carrying out delivery tasks. However, you have to cope with rival company droids and pirate robots who will steal your packages - a sort of futuristic highway robbery.

The droids travel the planet on superfast speeding platforms - eight lanes of them, in fact, all moving at different speeds. The packages must be picked up and delivered to their right destinations to earn cash.

Each droid comes with standard equipment but the more you make, the more extra parts can be fitted to the droid. These are selected by means of icons.

You should really play it in your local software shop if you're interested in buying.

Scattered around the system are various rooms to visit. Some are dispatch points, others junctions which connect with other speed routes and other repair shops. Most of these rooms are sign-posted.

The speed platforms certainly move fast. Impressive to look at but a little hard on the eyes. It does have, however, some - multi-soundtracked - pleasant music.