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Indoor Soccer
By Magnificent Seven
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #8

Indoor Soccer

Having hung up their cowboy boots and six guns, the Magnificent Seven have turned to software and come up with a couple of sporting simulations. Indoor Soccer is a version of five-a-side football and very reminiscent of Ocean's Match Day, but doesn't live up to it in many ways.

The action takes place on a large left-right scrolling pitch with five players on either team, one of whom acts as a goal-keeper. You can play against another player or the computer, which has three skill levels. The game takes place over two five minute halves, the teams changing ends at half time.

If you are in possession you control the player with the ball, who can be moved around the pitch and kick the ball. When the other team are in possession the computer picks a player for you to control and go after the ball. To get possession, you run into the player or tackle him by pressing fire, which may make him fall over.

Indoor Soccer

The edge of the pitch is blocked by boards which the ball bounces off and you can't get it in the air. When the goal is threatened the keeper can be moved up and down to block the ball, bouncing it out for any player to collect it. Against the computer, the gameplay is rather simple, although it is a tough opponent on the second and third levels. The graphics and sound are very ordinary with a very funny looking crowd. Certainly not much to shout about here.

Second Opinion

Gruesome scrolling almost prevented from playing this: but I persevered and almost enjoyed it. At the end of the day, though, David, it's not a very skillful game.

Third Opinion

Gameplay is pretty poor, and the graphics are diabolical. And why do the crowd all support Rangers?

Good News

P. Tough computer opponent.

Bad News

N. Match Day is better.
N. Jerky scrolling.
N. Repetitive gameplay.

Green Screen View

Nothing to complain about here. Nothing to get excited about either.

Bob Wade

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