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Impossible Mission

Impossible Mission

COMMODE lovers thought it was great, apparently, but we weren't so sure - on the lovable old C64 you get brilliant music. That's not possible with the Spectrum.

Nevertheless, Impossible Mission holds up as a good game even without the frills. You play a secret agent sent to investigate the plots of mad scientist Elvin, who is holding the world to nuclear ransom. You must somersault through the levels of his hideaway, collecting pieces of the secret code.

Strategy is important. Codes are gained by searching the various objects - bookcases, terminals, safes and the like - in the complex, but getting at those objects is more difficult. It's easy enough to get most of them, but you'll have to organise your use of the lifts to dodge the robots which patrol the complex.

There are also rooms with puzzles in them. You'll have to work out what the puzzle is before you solve it.

What makes Impossible Mission particularly addictive is that it produces a completely new map each time you play, the rooms linked to central lift shafts are assembled in a different order for the new game. That means you can't use the same techniques over and over again to win.

Add to that the slick graphics of the sort you expect from US Gold, nice animation with the somersaulting agent, and good use of what little sound is available, and you have a fine entertainment.

Chris Bourne

Publisher: US Gold Price: £7.95 Memory: 48K Joystick: Sinclair, Cursor, Kempston