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Computer Gamer

By Firebird
Spectrum 48K/Plus

Published in Computer Gamer #25


Rummaging through your local computer shop one day, you come across a disk with no markings on it. The shopkeeper has no idea what it is and lets you have it for nothing. Rushing home you can't wait to see whether you've got a gem.

Upon loading the disk, you find yourself presented with four options. Selecting any one drags you into the computer where you can take part in one of four different mini-adventures. The games are interconnected and the object of them is to answer one of the great remaining mysteries: how many stars are there in the universe?

The four games poke gentle fun at typical adventure scenarios. There is a space game, a fantasy story, a modern set in an airfield and a text version of a platform game! You can also get out of any game and return to your computer terminal simply by typing the command 'pinch arm' - a lovely touch.

Imagination was written by Peter Torrence, author of the popular Seabase Delta, and at under £2 is excellent value for money.