Ikari Warriors

Publisher: Encore
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #101

Ikari Warriors

General Bonn has been kidnapped by jungle guerrillas and it's up to you (and a chum) to rescue him in this conversion of SNK's Commando-clone. One or two Rambo lookalikes storm up the vertically-scrolling screen, dealing death and destruction to the oncoming hordes. Those careless guerrillas have left a few unguarded tanks lying around, and the boys can jump in and feel quite safe for a while - unitl the fuel level drops to critical, that is! Pick up extra petrol, bullets and grenades as you do, and try not to lose any of your lives if you want any chance of reaching the General.

This is a brilliant conversion of the coin-op, across the board, and considering that it reached number one when first released £2.99 is a small price to pay for such a good game. Graphics are scaled down yet effective, and sound is tip-top too; the C64's tune is a corker!

If you enjoyed the coin-op, or simply crave for a spot of no-holds-barred killing, Ikari Warriors is the one for you!


Ikari Warriors

The best of the lot. Superb, colourful graphics and spot-on tunes and effects compliment the violent gameplay perfectly. A must.


Crisp, monochrome graphics have a strange appeal, and the limited effects don't harm the tough and demanding gameplay at all.


Rough, but effective graphics and a brilliant tune stand out - the game is not half addictive, either!