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Home Computing Weekly

Ice Station Zero
By 8th Day
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #88

Ice Station Zero is an all-text adventure written with The Quill. It has excellent on tape instructions. A madman is holding the world at ransom! Only you can save us by battling through the icy dangers of the artic and reaching his secret hideout. You will have to take on such obstacles as glaciers, yeti, snow ploughs and polar bears, plus the inevitable sub zero temperatures.

Descriptions are long and atmospheric. You start outside a snow-covered tent. Wolves howl across the frozen plains. There are plenty of locations to explore, and many objects to experiment with. There is quite a large vocabulary. Help gives the response "You're a bit off the beaten track to expect help around here!" - the author has a sense of humour.

A hint sheet is available from Eighth Day, although the difficulty rating is "for beginners". There are still a few tricky problems to solve. How do you get the primus stove for killing the yeti?

I enjoyed playing this game. It is addictive and fun, and at such an incredible price the value is hard to beat.