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Ian Botham's Test Match
By Tynesoft
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #128

Sports simulations are all the rage at the moment and cricket in particular has been well covered in recent months. This is one such game. On loading we are greeted by a view of a cricket field with a capacity crowd in the background. The first job is to select the game to be played. You have the choice between limited over, one day and test match. Different games offer different innings lengths.

The next step is, if you wish, to select your team. A default team is available should you wish to omit this step. The fielding player then has the opportunity to place his field. Once done the innings begins. The biggest nuisance about this version is that it requires two players, each with a joystick. The bowler may select the type of ball, and the batsman chooses his stroke with a deft twist of the joystick. Should the ball be hit, the bowling player must select a fielder by positioning a cursor and then moving the chosen player. To field the ball this player must make contact with the ball. This fielding operation was appallingly difficult.

Graphically the game is uninspiring with rather wooden figures and poor animation. Sound was limited to applause and other such effects.

The omission of a human versus computer option was rather a mistake since many users won't always have a human opponent available when they want to play. The general play tended to be awkward and unsatisfying.