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By Psytronik
Spectrum 48K/128K


Hyperkill is a flick-screen, shoot-'em-up of the type that simply asks "How far can you get?" As Spectrum releases go, it's one of 2017's finest. Your drone-ship is very responsive, graphics are excellent and each new room presents you with not just a new variety of baddies, but also demands a new strategy to cross it.

Some power-ups are scattered around, and yet more are left by splattered enemies. These range from temporary invulnerability to friendly satellites that protect your drone by blowing up anything that gets too close!

You have three lives, and each has an energy bar, so you can get quite far into Hyperkill, even on your first go. Ahem, well, as long as you are aware that you actually have two weapons - a regular pistol, and a bomb to clear stationary obstacles. Hold down fire to activate it.

Chuck in some great music and this would've easily set you back a tenner back in the Speccy's heyday. One of the best Spectrum shooters I've played.

Dave E

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