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By Imagine
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 4.02

Heavy breathing

Hyper Sports is a compilation of six sporting events. The qualifying standard must be achieved in each event before you are allowed to progress to the next one.

Event number one is the 100 metres freestyle swim. The competitor is powered by rapidly pressing the Z and / keys. All would be fine if it were not for your little swimmer's insistence on breathing at regular intervals.

Every 10 metres the message Breathe flashes in front of him and in response you must press the spacebar.

A mistimed breath results in a mouthful of water and a stationary swimmer.

Having qualified in the aquatic event you next display your marksmanship in the skeet shooting. Owners of Acorn speech synthesisers must remove the chips before this event will function correctly.

I found the third event, the long horse, to be the most difficult.

A little man runs towards the springboard automatically. As he reaches it you must press the spacebar, and up he flies in a graceful arc heading for the horse.

Another quick dab at the spacebar as he reaches the horse and he heads skyward once more.

Now is the time to begin bashing the other two keys to cause him to perform multiple somersaults, thus boosting your points.

I failed to qualify for the archery, triple jump, or weight lifting events, but if they are half as entertaining as the first three, Hyper Sports is value for money.

Carol Barrow

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