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Hyper Biker
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #41

Hyper Biker

Fans of BMX biking may find this indoor version of their favourite sport appealing - but first you must make sure that you've got patience and a joystick you are completely familiar with!

Owners of Decathlon will notice a similarity in the basic idea of the game - except that this time all the "athletes" are riding bikes!

Up to four players can take part - a new twist - and bid for a place in the Hyper Biker hall of fame - or you can simply take on a computer-controlled opponent in a series of BMX challenges.

PSS say that the bikes behave exactly like the real thing - but I reckon pedalling a joystick is much more difficult!

You really have to work out all the controls before taking part in the events - otherwise you'll spin off your bike.

There are several events to take part in - ranging from ordinary races to obstacle courses. All of which will give your poor old joystick a Decathlon-style workout.

Overall the game is well presented and the graphics and sound are adequate but how long will these Decathlon clones keep their playability value?