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Hyber Blob
By Firebird
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #32

Hyber Blob

In this oddity from Firebird, one or two players attempt to keep a group of blobpods, small leaping faces, constantly moving from left to right along a horizontally scrolling landscape comprised of blocks. This sounds a little on the simplistic side, but the pods must always bounce on solid ground - when a gap is reached they fall off the bottom of the screen and die.

The action is controlled with a cursor, which picks up blocks from one part of the landscape and drops them over gaps in another. As well as avoiding gaps, there are killer blocks (which vaporise when a blobpod passes over), immovable blocks (which speak for themselves), and mutant blobpods (which eat blocks away) to watch out for. To add a little more pressure, the task of moving all the blobpods from the left side of the 'squarescape' to the right is played against a time limit!

Although Hyber Blob is great fun to play, and gets very challenging later on, there's little variety in the gameplay - consequently some players may become bored rather quickly. If you like reaction games which require plenty of very quick thinking though, try it out.