Hustler (Bubble Bus) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Bubble Bus
Commodore 16/Plus 4

Published in Home Computing Weekly #116

This pool simulation first appeared on the 64 and has now been converted to the C16. Six games are available, three each of one- and two-players. The usual types of game are supported, i.e. pot any ball in any order, pot each ball in the indicated pocket, pocket the balls in the correct order, normal pool rules and each player potting in reverse orders. The computer keeps track of scores and allocates shots for fouls etc.

A cruciform cursor is provided to allow you to aim. This is moved to the required direction of contact by use of the joystick or cursor keys. The strength of shot is varied by shooting when a "strength meter" reaches the required level. I found this feature a little difficult to control since the strength changed rather too quickly. All types of spin can be used by pressing the relevant function key.

This type of program inevitably presents programming problems due to the need for continuous movement of the balls. On the 64 there's no problem since sprites are available. On the C16, this requires soft sprites. The author has tackled this problem well and the motion of the balls is smooth and convincing. Some of the collisions are definitely not according to Newton's laws - nor was the C64 version - but the inconsistency isn't too distracting. The standard of graphics was very high.

Unlike most C16 games, this program offers real music. I found this game highly enjoyable and a good quality simulation.