Hunchback (Superior) Review | Computer & Video Games - Everygamegoing


By Superior
BBC Model B

Published in Computer & Video Games #31


I've always thought Hunchback has a really weird theme - a cripple jumping along the top of a castle is weird, isn't it? But the game really caught on in arcades, and it certainly seems to be a popular game on home computers.

Hunchback on the BBC is a fairly good copy of the original game, but it's hardly "state of the art", and this Beeb version doesn't compare with the Spectrum version available from Ocean Software.

The aim of Hunchback is to run across the top of castle battlements without being knocked off. Armed guards try to spear you and rocks and arrows fly out of nowhere. Quasimodo will have to keep jumping just at the right time if he is to stand any chance of rescuing the beautiful Esmerelda.

Superior Software's Hunchback is a playable game. However, it lacks the professionalism that has become very evident in Spectrum games - sadly missing in most BBC software.

The graphics are of a reasonable standard but the scrolling screen flickers. The sound capabilities of the machine have been totally ignored, apart from the odd beep or squeak.

If you liked the arcade game, then this version will probably appeal to you. If you weren't a fan, then I'm afraid Hunchback won't convert you. The game is available now and costs £8.95.