Home Computing Weekly


Author: D.H.
Publisher: Superior
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #39

This program fully lives up to the high standard of graphics set by previous offerings from Superior Software.

The aim of the game is to guide the Hunchback, who doesn't look all that hunchy, to rescue the lovely Esmeralda.

Naturally there are numerous obstacles and diversions to overcome, including gaps along the wall, the pendulum, flying rocks, arrows and mean-looking, spear-carrying guards.


The game has plenty of variety, with 13 screens to complete, each successive one being of increasing difficulty, and three skill levels.

The action can be controlled from either the keyboard or with a joystick, the choice of keys being sensible and comfortable to use.

The program loads in two parts, pan one being the Superior Software logo followed by the main program.


The instructions are scant; just half a screen displayed by the program. I think these could be extended to explain just how the game plays in a little more detail.

The game is fun to play. I found grappling with the pendulum on the second screen more difficult than some of the later obstacles.

On-screen scoring and a high score are other features, though sadly there is no pause facility.


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