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How Long Have You Got?
By Eastmead Computer Systems
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #52

The title refers to your life expectancy! Like all the Eastmead Medical Series, this had severe loading problems, caused by poor quality recordings, and an overlong series of introductory SCREEN$ with impressive sounding titles.

Based on medical statistics, by asking question about your lifestyle and habits, together with weight etc, it gives an estimate as to how long you're likely to last! Each factor has a weighting in years, added or subtracted. The theory is that, for example, seeing how many years your 40 fags a day costs, will stop you smoking.

There are two versions on the cassette, for 16K or 48K, which prompts an interesting thought: Will you live longer with a 16K Spectrum?

Eastmead will be pleased to know I have only nine years left on the basis of this program! But, to be honest, I got so tired of trying to load this beast, I almost gave up. If you can get a copy that loads, and you are a believer in probabilities based on statistics, and you want to examine your lifestyle in terms of your longevity, then this could be for you.


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