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Home Computing Weekly

Hover Bovver
By Llamasoft
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #35

In this very original game, your task is to mow your lawn with a hover mower - while the owner tries to get it back.

The lawn has hedges and flower beds. The hedges form impenetrable barriers, and if you run over the flower beds, then someone else comes out to chase you.

You do have a dog that can be ordered to chase after your pursuers, but it only has a certain amount of loyalty, and once this has been used up you have no defence against the people who are out to get you.

The mower will overload if you run over the dog, and the dog only has a certain amount of tolerance to the mower - once this has been exhausted it will try and run into the mower, thus immobilising you. The dog cannot run over the flower beds, so you can use them to hide from it.

Points are awarded for every piece of lawn that you mow, and bonus points are awarded for how much dog loyality is left after the job is done. Once you've finished one lawn, you move on to another with different hedges and flower beds.