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Horace Goes Skiing
By Melbourne House
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #9

Horace Goes Skiing

Horace Goes Skiing is the long-awaited Commodore 64 version of the frantic Spectrum game.

Horace wants to go skiing, but before he can reach the ski-slopes he must cross a busy main road. The road is full of fast-moving traffic, which has to be avoided. If Horace is knocked down, he has to pay $10 in ambulance fees. At the start of the game, he has only $40 to spend.

When Horace reaches the other side of the road, he enters a small ski-hut and hires a pair of skis. Skis are $10 to hire, so he must be careful not to break them.

After returning across the road with his skis, he moves onto the Hannekon ski run. As he skis down the slope, he must avoid the trees and slalom through the red and blue flags.

Passing through the flags gains points, but missing them loses points. Hitting the trees more than twice will break Horace's skis and he will again have to cross the road to the ski-hut.

If Horace completes the slalom course he can gain an extra 100 points by passing under the finishing barrier. When the course is completed, he must again cross the road to reach the ski slopes.

Horace Goes Skiing features some well-animated graphics including motorcyclists, Ford Escorts, Bulldozers and an ambulance. The sound includes car horns and a jaunty introductory tune, but the wail of the ambulance siren gets a bit tedious.

Overall, an enjoyable game, and the fact that it loads in under two minutes, thanks to the 'Parloader' is a pleasant bonus for the gamester.