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Horace Goes Skiing
By Melbourne House
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #72

Horace wants to go skiing - but the ski hut is on the other side of a busy road. He must cross the road to get some skis then cross back to tackle the slalom course.

The first part, crossing the road, is rather like Frogger, and the second part bears some resemblance to a car race game. The traffic is fast and furious, and you need a lot of patience and skill to reach the ski slope.

The graphics are excellent, among the best I've seen on the Dragon. The traffic is very convincing, with slow-moving lorries and speedy little motorbikes as well as cars and tractors. The flags and fir trees in the second stage are simpler but still very effective. The sound is also good, and not over-done for once.

The game can be played using the keyboard, or, preferably, a joystick. There are a few minor faults - the demonstration mode described on the cassette inlay didn't appear to exist, and there is a fairly long delay before the game re-starts after you lose a life on the road. Overall, though, it's a good, entertaining game.